Truth (as variable as that is)

I love the work of a lot of photographers.

I’m not going to name names, but there are lots of them.

I found myself meandering through Downtown West End today and thinking that I could take a photo of something from a certain angle and then it would be remarkably similar to one of those photographer’s works.

I didn’t.

Somehow my style has morphed into what is in trend, but clunkier. I haven’t been shooting that long, I don’t put the hours in that would make me jump in skill level… but the thing is that I don’t want people to look at my work and say “oh, that’s like so + so’s” (although I kinda secretly wish they would. Oh, recognition!). I want to look at what I produce and say that it is a true reflection of how I saw the world at that moment in time.

How I see, not someone else, not someone else’s vision, but my own.

Another person isn’t there, in the same state that I am or anything like that.

It is me, therefore I am attempting to find my voice and perspective through the lens, not anyone else’s.

So, anyway… after that rant,

Morning tea, West End style with two of my favourite people:

Orange Valencia cake in my tummy

Damn bike riding hipster cliche.

The brew. I’m still not back on dairy 100%. Cheese, yes, milk no.

See this lady? She’s awesome. She’s one of the boy’s God mamas and one of the friends that has stayed in my life for over 20 years. I know. OMG. Patient soul.

The windows are open.

I think Summer may (finally) be here.


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