Dream Catcher

Setting: A bedroom in the suburbs. A 20 something year old woman lies beside her partner, a 30 something, in their bed. It is dark. It is the middle of the night. The two are snoring peacefully.

Son Enters.


Big, ugly tears.

Son: I’ve had a bad dream.

The son shakes and cries. He is unable to voice what the dream was about. He snuggles into his father’s arms.

He spends the next half hour crying out that he cannot sleep, that his dream was terrifying.

The shaking continues.

He is held, he is comforted.

He goes to sleep.

He doesn’t talk about the stress of the night before until just going to bed the following night. He is found typing into Dr. Google “How to stop nightmares”.

Emergency response: Dream catchers.

The family sits down to make dream catchers at bed time, telling stories of where each individual piece has come from. This one holds a unicorn necklace (the mother’s totem animal, for sure), a feather from the family bird, a feather from a trip to the beach and another from a family picnic. The beads have been sourced from community stores, friends and trips to the bead store.

Stories are woven into the dream catcher. Times of good, times of laughter, times to replace the nightmares.

This one holds an Easter story, working with clay together, a heart to represent the love in the family and blue and green beads to symbolise the calmness of the sea.

It worked. No bad dreams and a sleepy boy.

{Sweet dreams, beautiful boy}


4 thoughts on “Dream Catcher

  1. When I was around your lovely boy’s age (maybe a little younger) I started to have nightmares all the time. It wasn’t until I was about 11 or 12 but my Mum got me a dream catcher and told me how they are supposed to work and I honestly (almost) never had another nightmare. I wish we’d made them though; that is fantastic!

  2. I commented on this the other day but I guess it didn’t….stick. I used to have horrible nightmares from when I was probably a little younger than your lovely boy. They went on for years! When I was about 11 or 12 my mum bought me a couple of dream catchers, one for her house and one fore my dad’s. They worked. I hardly ever, almost never had another nightmare. I wish we had made them, that is a beautiful idea and they are really quite awesome catchers. Sweet dreams to the kid x

    • I’m the doofus! I had to “approve” you!

      Thanks, Pickle!!! So far, so good. It was so scary having him that freaked out – I’ve never seen him that unnerved.

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