Green (How Roller Derby destroyed my garden)

This was my vegetable garden last week. It appears that I haven’t gone into the backyard much since I got my skates….

But then, enough was enough and I weeded it all last week, cut the asparagus down and found some hidden cucumber plants, a bean plant and a thriving sweet potato vine.

Thankfully asparagus comes back quickly and I feel that my efforts in the garden have already been rewarded:

So I picked a handful… and it became a topping on our homemade pizza last night!

So my lovely garden will not be ignored for a little while… I’m going to plant some seeds and see what happens. The soil is beautiful after being dormant for so long – I had mixed in a lot of raw ingredients before ignoring the garden… It’s all broken down and friable. I read somewhere this week that one of the secrets to happiness is growing tomato plants… I’m pretty sure I’ve written about my love of growing tomatoes before, despite not eating them. Maybe it is a universal truth?

Bring on the winter salads!


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