La Familia

I went to Melbourne in March.

On the way

In Brunswick

@ the maze

At Brunetti’s


My Grandmother turned 90 and we had that side of the family celebrating with a dinner. It went ok, considering my cousins and I don’t know each other. My beautiful son was engaging and chattering… he had a ball!

We went to the Hot Springs again, discovered a new favourite bakery, went running on the beach, visited derby leagues and went op-shopping. My grandmother is now 90, we’re worried about some of the decisions we need to face for her and the implications for our Brisbane family… We’ll see. That seems to be the mantra of 90 – wait and see (and hope).

It wasn’t the trip I anticipated, I was going to do so much more, but it was a tender one. I suppose that’s why I’ve waited 6 weeks to share photos of my family… family. It’s the most important part of my life. The family I was born into, the family I was fortunate enough to be given with my partner and that which I’ve created through friendship. More super soon.


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