I have a Godson… Being a Godmother had always been on my 101 things I wanted to do… aaand then I was! My friend D was the crazy mama who put me in this much-coveted position. I share my Godmothering responsibilities with another school friend who lives in Melbs-town. I don’t think we’ve had to Godmother together much… ever, in fact!

Ah… end ramble.

So! Off to Tasmania I went to *finally* celebrate my Godson’s birthday with him – as he turned FOUR!

This is the wild rugged landscape that IS Tasmania.

I didn’t see much.

I cuddled lots, though (and that was the point).

I don’t share pictures of kids on my blog without permission… and I haven’t asked. So after that massive ramble about how important being a Godmother is to me, you’ll just have to take my word for it that my Godson is a cutie patootie, that we bonded and that he enjoyed turning 4. It’s all true, but yeah.

I will share this picture, though… of my Godson’s mama and I. ALL weekend we were like “let’s get a photo together… photo, photo, photo”, right? This was taken in the departures terminal as we are THAT organised. My camera recharger could not be found before I left Brisbane, so the camera constantly threatened to die… but we got one. D has officially been a part of my life for more than half of it.

And then, just as soon as I arrived, I left. Or so it felt. I’m going back, of course I am… Stitching, weaving, pulling together these relationships that stretch vast kilometres. It’s a patchwork quilt, but I do like sewing.

{My final view of Taswegia before the clouds took over}


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