Newest ladies to join the family

Dot’s a girl
Piper’s a girl
The two new girls:

They are red commercials… our very own red hens. We can tell them apart with their colourations, feathers and their temperaments.

This is Ruby. She warmed up slowly, but has the sweetest nature. She’s the more cuddly of the two. She is also ruled by her stomach, the most likely to find plastics to eat in the yard and the likes long exploratory walks.

Scout is noisy – I can’t wait to hear how she celebrates laying an egg! She’s not so eager to be picked up, flies about 30cm off the ground at the drop of a hat and tolerates cuddles, but they are not her favourite thing in the world.

They came to live with us 3 days ago… and today was their first time out of their new home. I’m hoping we’re able to free range them a fair amount, judging by today they will be quite happy. I shook their feed dish and they came running back to their house so quickly… the cutest little chicken waddles I have ever seen.

Yes, I am besotted by my hens. I think I may be a bird person after all 🙂


One thought on “Newest ladies to join the family

  1. I love birds. I don’t have a lot of experience touching/cuddling them, but I just love watching them. And the sound of chickens celebrating laying an egg is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.

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