What I do on Tuesdays

Tuesdays are one of my favourite days of the week.
The morning normally holds coffee with friends, frequently a fitness session prior and then idle shopping/chicken cuddling/crafting in the afternoon. All in time for the boy to come home from school.

It sounds positively Rockwellian.

Today, my plans slipped a little and I found myself at home, instead. I started cleaning and sorting as I haven’t done my Autumn clean this year….

Then I realised that I was ready to run.

I’m new to running out doors – I discovered my love of running on the treadmill. I let my gym membership lapse, for oh so many reasons, in February… and stopped running.

The thing is, though, running is my way of keeping in control of my overall mood and emotions. In the two months since I stopped running, my emotional capacity has been severely depleted. I’ve lost perspective of a variety of things.

So the realisation that the time I have to run is actually in the middle of the day is an enlightening one. I decided, then went. The sky was SO grey and it was actually sprinkling a little. Heavens be, when did I become this girl that ran in the rain for fun?

I have my small ritual now… I do my pre-running moving stretches, then I start my ipod (gen 2, uber sweet thing) with this track:


I’m not big on hip hop… but this is a track about the black + yellow. My d*e*r*b*y* league is black + yellow, so I start my runs and my training sessions with this track.

Then my ipod goes random. The second song up was “Let Forever Be” by the chemical brothers. s5FyfQDO5g0
It matched my mood perfectly. The rain had stopped and sun was gently warming me as I ran. I dislike the word jog, even if that word would convey the pace that I go a lot better… The line “How does it feel to wake up in the sun…” whilst running up a hill – bliss.

I made it home (with a few more tracks in between!) just as the Flaming Lips “Do you realise” came on. Executive decision was made to lay down and look at the fluffy clouds drifting by, sharply contrasted by the bright green palm fronds.

I’d made it through the wall, I’m getting stronger. I’m certainly glad I went.


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