One Path

You know the poem, two paths diverged in the woods…

In my version, there are many paths, some with big signs of  “YOU SHOULD DO THIS” Others are signed less… others temptingly in cursive script “come this way, you know you want to…”

At the moment, I feel like I’m in a crazy cross road looking left and right and more than a little unsure of where I want to go. I’m involved in a lot of epic sized projects at the moment that all want a piece of me. It’s good as it forces me out of my head and into direct action, but it is also confusing as I feel that, as I’ve complained in the past, I’m just drifting instead of actively choosing.

Of course, it cannot be all bad when it leads to things like this, right?

This is a billabong less than 10 minutes walk from my house. I discovered it walking back from the boy’s school on his sports day. I’ve lived here for nearly 8 years and never gone down that path! Isn’t it amazing what one discovers when they veer off the path a little?

In fact, all three of these photos were taken on that walk… I take a shortcut through a small patch of bush to get to the school. It’s refreshing and we’re almost always guaranteed an interesting sighting. From snakes to ducks, strange fungi and new paths being cleared, the same path provides endless new delights.

So, for the moment, I’ve wound up doing both – forging a new path and taking the old. It’s a strange compromise, but I cannot wait to see where it leads.


Pink + Red

Red hens, that is.

After the days (and days!) of grey skies, it has been a delight to get back into the garden. We’ve been improving the soil with the help of the chickens. The chickens have their hutch cleaned weekly and the lightly composted straw + waste is mixed into the garden soil… and the chickens will scratch at any unprotected surface.

To prevent the scratching and destruction, please meet the lettuce cage. So far, so good. The only problem is that we haven’t worked out how to harvest the lettuce in our time!

Life with the chickens is fabulous!

Beautiful Sydney Wedding

We went to Sydney on the weekend to celebrate a cousin’s wedding.

So exciting, our first Iranian wedding and an awesome opportunity to see spousie’s cousin really, really happy.

It was *such* a lovely day!

Roses from an absent sister:

The cake (made by the bride and assisted by many pairs of hands):

The ceremony:


So many, many, many Congratulations!