I was in a play!




My view, 3 – 5 times a week for 3 weeks.

I was in a play, so lovely to be considered for a role. I used to be a big drama kid (ahem….) and then life got in the way and I stopped. Photography has helped plug that creative void, but there isn’t anything quite like walking across the stage.

(After costume change one)

It was not an easy play to love or a character that I fell in love with, that happens sometimes. I’m glad I attempted the challenge of the role as it had the three things that are not in my top 10 favourite things to do: accents, monologues or opening the play. I didn’t rise to the challenge all the time, sometimes the play didn’t click. It was a good lesson in stage craft, like that.


The upside, though, was the opening of doors. After focussing on a small group of friends and on derby, it was a truly amazing experience to return to something I love with a supportive cast and crew. Yay for theatre!


Derby Girls

Derby girls are tough: they get hit, they fall and they get up again (most of the time).

But underneath the compression pants, the helmets and the makeup, these women are people, too.

I look at these and there’s still a lot of emotion… I can see a lot of my team mates tense, nervous, proud and ready.

They won, btw.