For a week of December, my partner’s family and I retreated (advanced?) to the beach at Peregian. We stayed in my Godson’s mother’s Aunt’s apartment for a delicious week of beautiful weather, barbecues on the deck and the beach… the beach.

I have a nephew, well technically the spouse does, who lives in Germany for 17 months out of 18 and getting to know him a little bit better was high on our list of priorities. I’m waving a big hello to my German sister in law as I write this, too, as I know she’ll be peeking in and remembering sunshine as they’re celebrating a cold German Christmas!!!!






Pretty much the only photo I got of my mother in law’s two baby boys together!






We also left our beach to, you guessed, go to another beach:

h+s licecreamface


And eat icecream. This is the boy after devouring a take home pack of ice cream with his parents… The take home pack is so much more financially responsible for the 3 of us!!!! The boy picked this hat, by the way. It was $5 from K-Mart and it has been in the water and changed shape considerably, yet he still loves it. He bought his favourite type of sunglasses this week, aviators (duh), and looks absolutely dashing in the combination of hat + glasses. Little Man is growing up ridiculously quickly.



Zombie Walk

Only however much Late!

The Zombie Walk held in Brisbane is one of the largest in the world and a tremendous fundraiser for the Brain Foundation. Our Derby league was able to participate on skates and we had a jolly decent time!


Zom Baby bride Chrissie crowd Stacie


Zom Baby was born in time for our Grand final, too 🙂 She’s beautiful!

The bride looked so sweet amongst our beautiful jacaranda trees. Jacaranda season is such a beautiful time in Brisbane, I look forward to it every year.

Catching up on, you know, everything!

Dramatic Drama

So… when I was in the play, I asked to be included on the photography mailing list. Just before the show opens, photographers are invited to take photos of the dress rehearsal. This has to be one of the most positive experiences I’ve had for ages, just taking overly dramatic photos and using much white space…bw1busyjennycoupledesk2trioreveal2reveal3singlereveal


Thank-you so much for the opportunity, VP!