Just Today, y’know

balloons boy boy2


It’s hot.

The boy is complaining that everything is boring as I am being a “mean” mother by not allowing him 24/7 access to screens. For several hours a day he is banned from interacting with any sort of screen and forced into interaction with the greater world. This has meant that the phrases “Mum, can you….” “Mum, I need…” “Mum, when are we…” have increased so much… I tried to get the house weekend ready today, normally I have most of the living areas vacuumed,  bathroom done, bedrooms a little more orderly, you know, basic stuff (that most people do daily…). Today I vacuumed our bedroom. Changed the sheets… There is a chorus of needs being vocally pronounced…

Yet, I am grateful to hear his little voice, see the cheekiness in action and to have him near.


One thought on “Just Today, y’know

  1. Not only am I mean, I get told regularly by Jesse that I am not his best friend ANYMORE. Ouch. I agree, it’s lovely to hang out at home. We just finished a water fight on the trampoline. You’ve got to be cruel to be kind. Hang in there X

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