Not working 9-5

Sometimes I try to remember what I do with my day… I’ve always wanted to photograph every hour of the day, but I am seriously bad at remembering! That and my days are pretty jolly quiet at the moment (I am not complaining!).

So today I thought I would just photograph things around me once an hour between the working hours, just because.

9am – Working on this batch of fresh produce – aka making pots.


10am – In the kitchen working on mustard


11am – Finished a monster batch of Sauerkraut and some mustard. This will otherwise be known as part one of out hipstering the hipsters in the name of frugality.


12pm – vacuming


1pm – Tending to the pets. Collecting eggs, feeding, cuddles.


2pm – I happened to disturb dotter in my pottering. She was not amused. I think this is also proof that she’s hacking into the internet for grumpy cat memes:


3pm – after picking the boy up from school, a reconnaisance mission to Bunnings. Returned home with lettuce and hot glue.


4pm – picking up groceries and failing to find a bathing cap (!).


In between there was the normal Friday stuff, tidying, cleaning, trying to get the study together…