buh buh 3-0

While I was 30 I:

– played 4 games of roller derby
– was in a play
– started a small business
– travelled with my partner and our son
– travelled to Asia with the little one
– fell in love with a pair of chickens and a jerk of a lizard
– successfully aged another year.

There’s a wide variety of loosely formed goals that I have floating in my mind… things that I am actively chasing and things that I am less attached to. I sometimes lose sight of the big things and the little. I don’t care that my birthday is in the morning, either, because every day feels like my birthday. I am treated well by those who love me, loved by those that I care about, am healthy and have love to share with those around me. I may not be the richest (oh heavens, no!) or the tallest or the prettiest or the whateverist, but I am here and happy.
That’s worth a million.

Good bye 30, hello 31, let’s continue the adventure!


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