Around the traps


(My pet cactus in my work space. It’s in a 3 legged tea cup.)

I am going to America next week.

For 5 weeks.

I am in shock that this has happened from a little seed of an idea last September… even further back, really. We always wanted to take the boy to Disneyland when he was ten and then, magically, somehow, it happened. Through the course of the little business, saving hard, a cousin getting married, rollercon and more it became feasible. I remember the first decent market we had last year and I got home and told the spouse that we could actually achieve this far off thing and here we are. Here.We.Are.

The boy wants to eat elephant ear donuts. The spouse wants time to be with his family. I want to be in the desert.





(My Dotter)

It’s daunting, I mean 5 weeks is nothing in the scheme of things, yet this is the first time we’ve travelled for that long. It’s a demanding itinerary filled with theme parks, adventuring, shopping, derby and more. There are road trips and special events, surprises for my boys.


I cannot wait.


In the mean time, though, the little business is hungry to take over the world. We have orders to fill and castles in the air that need a polish. I am so happy with how things are going, I could never have imagined how things could have taken shape like this and I am humbled and grateful for all of the support we have received along the way.

Yes, Here we are.


(Our half of our epic Lounge and garden set up)