Around the traps


(My pet cactus in my work space. It’s in a 3 legged tea cup.)

I am going to America next week.

For 5 weeks.

I am in shock that this has happened from a little seed of an idea last September… even further back, really. We always wanted to take the boy to Disneyland when he was ten and then, magically, somehow, it happened. Through the course of the little business, saving hard, a cousin getting married, rollercon and more it became feasible. I remember the first decent market we had last year and I got home and told the spouse that we could actually achieve this far off thing and here we are. Here.We.Are.

The boy wants to eat elephant ear donuts. The spouse wants time to be with his family. I want to be in the desert.





(My Dotter)

It’s daunting, I mean 5 weeks is nothing in the scheme of things, yet this is the first time we’ve travelled for that long. It’s a demanding itinerary filled with theme parks, adventuring, shopping, derby and more. There are road trips and special events, surprises for my boys.


I cannot wait.


In the mean time, though, the little business is hungry to take over the world. We have orders to fill and castles in the air that need a polish. I am so happy with how things are going, I could never have imagined how things could have taken shape like this and I am humbled and grateful for all of the support we have received along the way.

Yes, Here we are.


(Our half of our epic Lounge and garden set up)



One Path

You know the poem, two paths diverged in the woods…

In my version, there are many paths, some with big signs of  “YOU SHOULD DO THIS” Others are signed less… others temptingly in cursive script “come this way, you know you want to…”

At the moment, I feel like I’m in a crazy cross road looking left and right and more than a little unsure of where I want to go. I’m involved in a lot of epic sized projects at the moment that all want a piece of me. It’s good as it forces me out of my head and into direct action, but it is also confusing as I feel that, as I’ve complained in the past, I’m just drifting instead of actively choosing.

Of course, it cannot be all bad when it leads to things like this, right?

This is a billabong less than 10 minutes walk from my house. I discovered it walking back from the boy’s school on his sports day. I’ve lived here for nearly 8 years and never gone down that path! Isn’t it amazing what one discovers when they veer off the path a little?

In fact, all three of these photos were taken on that walk… I take a shortcut through a small patch of bush to get to the school. It’s refreshing and we’re almost always guaranteed an interesting sighting. From snakes to ducks, strange fungi and new paths being cleared, the same path provides endless new delights.

So, for the moment, I’ve wound up doing both – forging a new path and taking the old. It’s a strange compromise, but I cannot wait to see where it leads.

Kitteh Kitteh

Amongst the excitement of gaining the chickens, I bet you thought I’d forgotten my beloved kitteh kitteh?
I have just emptied my memory card and it seems she is more than well represented amongst the images. These were taken at three different parts of two days, morning, afternoon and night. All in her favourite place, a corner of the lounge, with only one of her favourite people (the other is the boy… she loves the boy).


She’s still trying to eat her new sisters. She stays indoors while the ladies are out ridding the garden of evil, one grub at a time. We have a chicken dilemma, too. Scout is an uptight chicken and is laying her eggs while she’s relaxed, aka whilst roosting. It means that her egg is breaking each day… We’ll work it out…

More on the backyard farm

We are still enjoying having the chickens live here… a week in and it feels like we’ve won the chicken lottery with them. In fact, today was a very big day as….

Our first egg was laid! It’s that really, really small one beside the big ones… that were store bought. Free range, of course.

I’m so surprised that they would lay – I mean, it’s been a stressful week with them moving house, being introduced to their big sisters and pretty constant cuddles.

Perhaps it’s time to have a nice lettuce, tomato and egg salad!

La Familia

I went to Melbourne in March.

On the way

In Brunswick

@ the maze

At Brunetti’s


My Grandmother turned 90 and we had that side of the family celebrating with a dinner. It went ok, considering my cousins and I don’t know each other. My beautiful son was engaging and chattering… he had a ball!

We went to the Hot Springs again, discovered a new favourite bakery, went running on the beach, visited derby leagues and went op-shopping. My grandmother is now 90, we’re worried about some of the decisions we need to face for her and the implications for our Brisbane family… We’ll see. That seems to be the mantra of 90 – wait and see (and hope).

It wasn’t the trip I anticipated, I was going to do so much more, but it was a tender one. I suppose that’s why I’ve waited 6 weeks to share photos of my family… family. It’s the most important part of my life. The family I was born into, the family I was fortunate enough to be given with my partner and that which I’ve created through friendship. More super soon.