We’ve been every where, Man!

Hello from Sunny California! I’m so hip and cool, I’m calling it Cali.

It’s beautiful here and I love it and there’s a bit of me that doesn’t want to come home. It’s compounded by the fact that my beloved business partner hung out with me last week and family this week, so I don’t feel like home is quite so far away.

Some pics!



The desert out of Beatty (roughly 2.5 hours out of Vegas. More stories to come).



The town of Goldfield, Nevadawalkerlake


Walker Lake, Nevada



On the stoop, Echo Park.pacific1The boy bonding with the Pacific.


I’m up something like 1200 pics, more to come!

Suffice to say, everything’s fine 🙂



Around the traps


(My pet cactus in my work space. It’s in a 3 legged tea cup.)

I am going to America next week.

For 5 weeks.

I am in shock that this has happened from a little seed of an idea last September… even further back, really. We always wanted to take the boy to Disneyland when he was ten and then, magically, somehow, it happened. Through the course of the little business, saving hard, a cousin getting married, rollercon and more it became feasible. I remember the first decent market we had last year and I got home and told the spouse that we could actually achieve this far off thing and here we are. Here.We.Are.

The boy wants to eat elephant ear donuts. The spouse wants time to be with his family. I want to be in the desert.





(My Dotter)

It’s daunting, I mean 5 weeks is nothing in the scheme of things, yet this is the first time we’ve travelled for that long. It’s a demanding itinerary filled with theme parks, adventuring, shopping, derby and more. There are road trips and special events, surprises for my boys.


I cannot wait.


In the mean time, though, the little business is hungry to take over the world. We have orders to fill and castles in the air that need a polish. I am so happy with how things are going, I could never have imagined how things could have taken shape like this and I am humbled and grateful for all of the support we have received along the way.

Yes, Here we are.


(Our half of our epic Lounge and garden set up)


Road Trip!!!!!

icecreamWe, Yangsie and I, drove into Sydney after 12 hours on the road. We left Brisbane at 3:30 in the morning with a car loaded up with cactus, yarn, stools, crates and more to make it to the Finders Keepers Markets in Sydney. I don’t think I’ve talked about our little business in blogistan, but there it is.

We arrived into Sydney about 4, where Yangmeister was suitably impressed that I could navigate from North Sydney to Newtown without a map. I was more impressed that we managed to find an amazing gelato shop within walking distance of our uber cools hosts! The cups above held balsamic vinegar strawberries and vanilla gelato as well as a pistachio, rosewater and cardamon one. Amazeballs.


Best Breakfast in Sydney goes to Fleetwood Macchiato in Erskineville. This was AMAZING. Pictured here are my poached eggs on pearl barley with cauliflower, stout jam and chervil. That Stout jam – I asked if I could take some home. Sadly, no. I am so definitely taking the spouse here next time we are in Sydney!

We went on a food pilgrimage after our amazing breakfast – Kakawa chocolates in Darlinghurst, the Potts Point outlet of the Bourke Street bakery, Din Tai Fung in the city and then we just kept walking all the way back to Newtown. After being crammed into the car for the previous day, it was a delight to walk in perfect Sydney Autumn weather and wonder about how the markets might be.

chippendaleChippendale was beautiful, lots of street art, terraces, quirky cafes and sweet stores. I love that Sydney has so many beautiful dogs, edible gardens on the street and quirks around each bend.

And then we went to the markets, sold our wares successfully and came home.

We got lost on a back road to Brisbane, but it was amazing. We went from this densely canopied section of road to this:


It literally had me in giggles of awe. I love being dwarfed by nature and this little corner of the universe certainly had me there.

The trip was incredible – excellent food, company and business are more than enough to keep me happy. I am so very thankful that we had this opportunity and I can’t wait to do something similar in the times to come.


For a week of December, my partner’s family and I retreated (advanced?) to the beach at Peregian. We stayed in my Godson’s mother’s Aunt’s apartment for a delicious week of beautiful weather, barbecues on the deck and the beach… the beach.

I have a nephew, well technically the spouse does, who lives in Germany for 17 months out of 18 and getting to know him a little bit better was high on our list of priorities. I’m waving a big hello to my German sister in law as I write this, too, as I know she’ll be peeking in and remembering sunshine as they’re celebrating a cold German Christmas!!!!






Pretty much the only photo I got of my mother in law’s two baby boys together!






We also left our beach to, you guessed, go to another beach:

h+s licecreamface


And eat icecream. This is the boy after devouring a take home pack of ice cream with his parents… The take home pack is so much more financially responsible for the 3 of us!!!! The boy picked this hat, by the way. It was $5 from K-Mart and it has been in the water and changed shape considerably, yet he still loves it. He bought his favourite type of sunglasses this week, aviators (duh), and looks absolutely dashing in the combination of hat + glasses. Little Man is growing up ridiculously quickly.


I was in a play!




My view, 3 – 5 times a week for 3 weeks.

I was in a play, so lovely to be considered for a role. I used to be a big drama kid (ahem….) and then life got in the way and I stopped. Photography has helped plug that creative void, but there isn’t anything quite like walking across the stage.

(After costume change one)

It was not an easy play to love or a character that I fell in love with, that happens sometimes. I’m glad I attempted the challenge of the role as it had the three things that are not in my top 10 favourite things to do: accents, monologues or opening the play. I didn’t rise to the challenge all the time, sometimes the play didn’t click. It was a good lesson in stage craft, like that.


The upside, though, was the opening of doors. After focussing on a small group of friends and on derby, it was a truly amazing experience to return to something I love with a supportive cast and crew. Yay for theatre!

The boat in our room


I found this in the back yard, it now lives in our room. I love the shape, the colours, the vibrancy…




It’s been a busy and tough few weeks, that having a quiet sanctuary has been important.

My boy is now 9, there is a new pet in the house, I’m back at uni, I’ve been placed on a derby team, I’m involved in a theatre project… I’m out 5 nights a week… life is busy, but it is also very, very sweet. This afternoon I spent some time in the garden harvesting lettuce, collecting eggs, watering the garden, preparing food for the new pet… all whilst this happened at my feet:


This always happens when I go outside! I’m kinda treasuring the time I have at the moment…

Life is good.



One Path

You know the poem, two paths diverged in the woods…

In my version, there are many paths, some with big signs of  “YOU SHOULD DO THIS” Others are signed less… others temptingly in cursive script “come this way, you know you want to…”

At the moment, I feel like I’m in a crazy cross road looking left and right and more than a little unsure of where I want to go. I’m involved in a lot of epic sized projects at the moment that all want a piece of me. It’s good as it forces me out of my head and into direct action, but it is also confusing as I feel that, as I’ve complained in the past, I’m just drifting instead of actively choosing.

Of course, it cannot be all bad when it leads to things like this, right?

This is a billabong less than 10 minutes walk from my house. I discovered it walking back from the boy’s school on his sports day. I’ve lived here for nearly 8 years and never gone down that path! Isn’t it amazing what one discovers when they veer off the path a little?

In fact, all three of these photos were taken on that walk… I take a shortcut through a small patch of bush to get to the school. It’s refreshing and we’re almost always guaranteed an interesting sighting. From snakes to ducks, strange fungi and new paths being cleared, the same path provides endless new delights.

So, for the moment, I’ve wound up doing both – forging a new path and taking the old. It’s a strange compromise, but I cannot wait to see where it leads.