24/7 – My week in the static image

It felt like I was hardly at home, this week. Yet, there are hardly any photos! Our weekend consisted of parent/teacher interviews, derby and relaxing. Chillaxing, even. I have ideas taking shape and form on the horizon, which I will share really, really, really soon. For the moment, see what I got up to!


On the wall of a friend’s studio

This man is making big changes to his life and those who are around him could not be more proud of his achievements, or happier for him. It is truly a delight to see someone take the reins of their existence as he is doing. Oddly, I bumped into him twice this week and managed to squeeze in a chai latte with him. West End is an awesome place.

I went running…. On the treadmill. I can get up to 10.5km an hour and sustain it for about 3 minutes. I am working on being able to run/move 2km in 15 minutes. I’m currently on about 17 minutes. Suzie Dominzn and I are going to run the Bridge to Brisbane in August. Yes, I am putting it out there for the two of us! I think she would want me to make clear that we will do the 5km run!


My derby league had its second bout – Furies vs Vandals. I went for the Furies, they, uh, did not win. I reckon their second bout will see them come back to form! The after party is held at this quaint gem (ha, ha!) of a hotel… they cater for funerals too!

What is not pictured: Lunch on Friday with a fellow photographer, Janine Coveney and her gorgeous 2 year old (my new BFF). If you click here you can see photos from the day. With ME in them. Such a novelty!

It was pointed out to me quite recently that I have the most incredibly talented friends. From photographers, actors and musicians to doctors, accountants and entrepreneurs. I am truly, truly, truly fortunate to be surrounded by the people I am and incredibly blessed to have found such a supportive group in which I feel I belong. There is no one in my life that I do not appreciate or feel that their contribution is less than any other person’s. And that is an incredible gift to have in life. Thank-you, friends.



Between yes and no

Okay, first things first.

I am swamped with things to do – parties, exams, celebrations, organising and parenting seem to be absconding witht he bulk of my days.

Secondly, I had to interrupt this hiatus to simply edit pictures and share.

Halloween 2010 was big in our household this year, even though we are in Suburban Australia. I chose to share Halloween with the boy because it’s a fun way to learn about different cultures and it led the way into some great discussions about death, travelling and Catholicism. Anything that leads to asking questions is worth it in my book.

The way our street does Halloween is respectful, too. About a week before the day, we send out a letter to each house in the street asking them if they would like to receive trick or treaters. If yes, please leave the enclosed balloon out after dusk on whichever day and you’ll receive a visit. If there is no balloon, we do not knock. About 1/3 of our street participated this year and it’s a great way to say hello to neighbours, meet people and have an excuse to dress up.

Also? Great way to see the neighbourhood children. Dressing up is an absolute joy!

Without further ado:

(Yes, I know it is noisy. Oddly, I like it in the second one!)


Originally we were going to be three batman villains – Poison Ivy, Mr Freeze (the boy) and Two face (the spouse). The boy changed his mind upon working out that he could use a cowboy gun/handcuff set to complete his costume. I was sold when I saw the red hat. I have a red cowboy hat that now lives in our house (joy!). The vest is from the costume box, the pants came from the back of the cupboard and the witches were a halloween bonus.

Funny aside: in purchasing the weaponry (don’t get me started. I do not believe that owning a toy gun will make my child a terrorist. Violence? Gosh, actually, let’s forget I started this topic…), I told the boy he had most of the sherriff kit at home anyway. Loudly, the boy says, “but mum, we need the handcuffs! We don’t have handcuffs at home!” The woman walking past snorted.

I changed my hair colour in anticipation of being Poison Ivy – red. I don’t think there is a single photo of me with it red!!!!! I did it and then almost cried because I hated it. Thankfully, it is washing out quickly. The future will not be red for me, I assure you.

Now, of course, time to hit the books again. Only a short time to go until I am free! See you on the other side!