Boy + Soccer

Twice a week:

He likes it.


You know what? Someone hasn’t been seen on here for a while!

The boy! Did I share the fact that boy is 8 now? Hecksies…

I tried taking photos of him this afternoon in order to send photos to his great-grandmother. This is what we got:


Not really great grandma friendly!

Nor is this one, but I love it anyway. He loves coming home from school and jumping on the trampoline with a fair few water bombs and balloons and getting horrendously wet….

We’ll have to try grandma photos another day….

Proof of Life

The little family is house sitting on a hill, at the moment. It has been delightful!

I have made a new best friend:

And then there is this face, who can say no?

There’s another kitty, too. He’s beautiful and strong – proud, too:

And enough natural light, that I find myself wanting to eat it with a spoon:

We’re loving our time on this side of the river… despite never having lived on this side (and yeah, in Brisbane, you pick your side of the river – rarely do people move back and forth across them!), we’re kinda liking it.

Here’s to more adventures tomorrow!

Spring’s afternoon (mulberry picking 2011)

For the rest of my life, I know some of the images of love that I shall carry in my mind, my heart and my soul. The ones of my twenties are diverse, but they feature my boys. Yesterday was a hot Spring’s afternoon that we spent picking mulberries, kicking a ball around and making the beginnings of Mulberry Pie.

These are what I carry:


The fruit tree is laden this year… amazing crop!
Someone was kicking mulberries around the yard…

Part of the harvest

The weather is hot, dry and smoky. I am loving it. Summer 2011-2012, bring it on, baby!