Zombie Walk

Only however much Late!

The Zombie Walk held in Brisbane is one of the largest in the world and a tremendous fundraiser for the Brain Foundation. Our Derby league was able to participate on skates and we had a jolly decent time!


Zom Baby bride Chrissie crowd Stacie


Zom Baby was born in time for our Grand final, too đŸ™‚ She’s beautiful!

The bride looked so sweet amongst our beautiful jacaranda trees. Jacaranda season is such a beautiful time in Brisbane, I look forward to it every year.

Catching up on, you know, everything!


Holding On

It seems with the arrival of school holidays, somehow, incredibly, he has grown.

He is more than he was last week.

More bold, more brave, more silly, more tall, more talkative, more shy.


And I find myself almost desperate to hold onto his littleness.

{stop, little one, please stop}

Holding on and squeezing, almost suffocating him. {Is this what my parent’s felt?}

And letting go. Again and again.

To wherever life takes him.

{We’ll always find a way, little one, always}


#1 – The boy’s birthday? He scored. He has a birthday party coming up on Saturday with 30 or so of his friends from school and beyond. I know that some of the mothers are putting in together for a games shop voucher. Which is the best idea ever for a birthday party present! His birthday cake, proper is for his birthday party. So I had intended that he have a cupcake for his cake that night… he decided that he didn’t want to put the candle in his decorated cupcake, which led to this sad looking cupcake for his cake. He did actually ask if his parents were joking (we weren’t!).

#2 – My MIL continues her recovery. She had surgery on her wrist the day after accident and is in a handy-dandy cast. She is incredible in the ways that she can count the positives.

#3 – We got our tomatoes off the vine. The largest one was 280grams! The black russian in this photo is up against a $1 coin. Massive beastie. Apparently quite tasty, too!

#4 – We have our first stalk of edible asparagus off our 2 year old crown

#5 – The workshop has come to an end. And my teacher has news. Go forth and revel in it!

Caught up. Done.

Tomato Watch 2010

For nearly three weeks I have been saying that this week, was THE week.

The week I have waited for since planting out the new garden.

The week that I would be able to harvest a Black Russian Tomato from our garden.

These things are MASSIVE, about the size of my hand. They have been lovingly reared in rich soils and sprinkled with seaweed solution. Oh dear readers, to think that this could be the week is dizzying!

In other garden news:

The lawn has become a jungle!

The lawn has disappeared, to be replaced by Bindiis and weeds and…. violas?

It’s a brave new world, in our garden.

Winter Harvest

Gardening is one of life’s (most complicated) pleasures.

When we plonked a couple of garden beds in the back yard, I had no idea just how complicated gardening truly is. The boys were procrastinating on a job that needed to be done on the house and built three lovely raised garden beds, threw some organic soil in and we stuck some seedlings in… I very quickly decided that tomatoes were what had stolen my heart. Getting a plant to survive the pets, the child, the weather and the bugs presented a massive challenge. Many visits to sites on the web have now got us 3 varieties of tomato:

Black Russian


Tommy Toes

And the harvest has begun in earnest.

I am not only harvesting tomatoes (which get snaffled up pretty quickly), cucumbers, radish, lettuce and capsicum… but sunshine, a walk into the garden, a breathing space and stress relief.  Gardening is awesome for those reasons and the fact that I feel such a sense of achievement everytime we use something from the garden. And it is a revolution, no carbon miles to my table. With the garden as it is, we are reasonably self sufficient in tomatoes all year round and bits and pieces in different seasons. I still have heaps and heaps and heaps to learn, but it’s so fun, it hardly feels like learning.