Holding On

It seems with the arrival of school holidays, somehow, incredibly, he has grown.

He is more than he was last week.

More bold, more brave, more silly, more tall, more talkative, more shy.


And I find myself almost desperate to hold onto his littleness.

{stop, little one, please stop}

Holding on and squeezing, almost suffocating him. {Is this what my parent’s felt?}

And letting go. Again and again.

To wherever life takes him.

{We’ll always find a way, little one, always}


Between yes and no

Okay, first things first.

I am swamped with things to do – parties, exams, celebrations, organising and parenting seem to be absconding witht he bulk of my days.

Secondly, I had to interrupt this hiatus to simply edit pictures and share.

Halloween 2010 was big in our household this year, even though we are in Suburban Australia. I chose to share Halloween with the boy because it’s a fun way to learn about different cultures and it led the way into some great discussions about death, travelling and Catholicism. Anything that leads to asking questions is worth it in my book.

The way our street does Halloween is respectful, too. About a week before the day, we send out a letter to each house in the street asking them if they would like to receive trick or treaters. If yes, please leave the enclosed balloon out after dusk on whichever day and you’ll receive a visit. If there is no balloon, we do not knock. About 1/3 of our street participated this year and it’s a great way to say hello to neighbours, meet people and have an excuse to dress up.

Also? Great way to see the neighbourhood children. Dressing up is an absolute joy!

Without further ado:

(Yes, I know it is noisy. Oddly, I like it in the second one!)


Originally we were going to be three batman villains – Poison Ivy, Mr Freeze (the boy) and Two face (the spouse). The boy changed his mind upon working out that he could use a cowboy gun/handcuff set to complete his costume. I was sold when I saw the red hat. I have a red cowboy hat that now lives in our house (joy!). The vest is from the costume box, the pants came from the back of the cupboard and the witches were a halloween bonus.

Funny aside: in purchasing the weaponry (don’t get me started. I do not believe that owning a toy gun will make my child a terrorist. Violence? Gosh, actually, let’s forget I started this topic…), I told the boy he had most of the sherriff kit at home anyway. Loudly, the boy says, “but mum, we need the handcuffs! We don’t have handcuffs at home!” The woman walking past snorted.

I changed my hair colour in anticipation of being Poison Ivy – red. I don’t think there is a single photo of me with it red!!!!! I did it and then almost cried because I hated it. Thankfully, it is washing out quickly. The future will not be red for me, I assure you.

Now, of course, time to hit the books again. Only a short time to go until I am free! See you on the other side!




When I was 5 I announced that when I grew up, I wanted to be a lawyer.

At 10 I argued with my teacher that I was going to be a lawyer.

At 19 I actually did some law…. and despised it.

At 28 I want to work flexible hours and pick my son up from school – how much life has changed!!!!

So I’ve been waiting keenly for the sonly one to announce what he has wanted to be.

At 5 he wanted to be an olympicser, a book-library person and an archer in the olympics

At 6 – a games designer

at 7 – to fly planes in the air force.

With the first two, I smiled and nodded. With the third, I looked at him and mentally went “click”. Of all his aims so far, this one is the best fit, it’s the first one I could actually see him doing. It just fits him. So… we’ll see how long this one sticks around, maybe 8 will bring a new idea! Secretly, I had always hoped to have a child declare that they were going to do the most outlandish thing, like be a tightrope walker or be a tour guide in outer Mongolia or whatever. I think we’d deal with that, as parents, really well. But the military??? Oi Vey….

In other news, it is Sunday. Day of rest and sunshine. The boy is jumping on the trampoline with the spouse, there is a toilet being renovated (the dust! Oh my, the dust!), skating in the afternoon and preparing for the week at large. Weekends, in this lifetime, simply are not long enough. Happy Sunday, all!