My Vintage Closet – The graphic Mod dress

I’m guess this number is probably an 80’s interpretation of the 60’s.

I saw it a while back and it was one of those moments where I knew it was coming home with me.ย The dress has been lovingly tended to since coming home as it had gathered a large number of age spots.

All these photos were taken while I was engrossed in a phone call with one of my favourite partners in crime. You know that person who you say things like “I’m having a party” and they go “how big can we go?”… she’s one of those amazing people.

As an aside to that ramble, I got asked the other day if I had come up with a list of attributes that I wanted my partner to have. Apparently this is a reasonably common thing for girls to do… Of course, I haven’t. I sort of did for the people I wanted in my life… I’ve always liked slightly different souls to surround me. And I totally have that now.

As another funny thing… I seriously didn’t know these photos were being taken… it was a surprise in downloading the memory card this morning. This one made me laugh out loud as almost all the time that I am standing about I am now standing on one foot! Ha!


My Vintage Closet – The orange dress

Can I say, it’s hard to get other people to take photos of you? Even harder to actually share them? The little boy took this at the Christening on Sunday. By the way – Christenings are cool. The girl I knew who threw the shindig together – genius. The settings were perfection and we felt so welcomed! It was a really, really, really wonderful day!


The orange dress is a no-name frock. I’m putting it in the 60’s. It’s all crocheted.

Hand made.

I love this dress!!!!! Purchased from a Capalaba Thrift store for $25 this year ๐Ÿ™‚

Shoes: Diana Ferrari T-strap mary janes from about 3 seasons ago.

Socks: Target ($0.86)

Boy: My own. I tried storing him in the back of my closet, but he’s too tall ๐Ÿ˜‰