I started “dating” the spouse as a crazy 19 year old and when he was 21.

He turned 31 this week, almost a whole decade spent with me.

He has loved, supported, chased after and led me. He’s my best friend – the one I can say anything to and he listens… He’s a really, really, really good guy – despite running on the barest minimum of sleep.

Add to the fact that he’s a tremendous father, one of the cleverest people I have ever met, has a truly wicked sense of humor… and I wonder why on Earth he settled with me…

But sometimes, you just have to accept that good things happen for no apparent reason and enjoy the ride.

Happy Birthday to the most incredible partner I could have ever wished for! Yay for Pharlap/Cap’n Oblivious/Totes Inapropes!

Edited to add: a picture of boy + mini boy:


Spring’s afternoon (mulberry picking 2011)

For the rest of my life, I know some of the images of love that I shall carry in my mind, my heart and my soul. The ones of my twenties are diverse, but they feature my boys. Yesterday was a hot Spring’s afternoon that we spent picking mulberries, kicking a ball around and making the beginnings of Mulberry Pie.

These are what I carry:


The fruit tree is laden this year… amazing crop!
Someone was kicking mulberries around the yard…

Part of the harvest

The weather is hot, dry and smoky. I am loving it. Summer 2011-2012, bring it on, baby!

The Second Day in May, 2011

We’ve just returned from a weekend at the beach.

Today marks 29 days until winter.

The ocean was 24 degrees Celsius (75.2 degrees Fahrenheit).

I hadn’t intended to swim. I’m in this photo – the one wearing trousers and a long shirt. The boy is wearing his day to day wear, too.

When the water is that warm, you hop in. You enjoy it. You savour it. You never know when it will happen again.

I will share more of the weekend, soon.

I’m moving over to film, slowly. So there is a roll to be developed…

(oh the patience!!!!!)

Holding On

It seems with the arrival of school holidays, somehow, incredibly, he has grown.

He is more than he was last week.

More bold, more brave, more silly, more tall, more talkative, more shy.


And I find myself almost desperate to hold onto his littleness.

{stop, little one, please stop}

Holding on and squeezing, almost suffocating him. {Is this what my parent’s felt?}

And letting go. Again and again.

To wherever life takes him.

{We’ll always find a way, little one, always}

Road Trip!

Yamba. 3.5 hours away… Or if you are us – five hours. With extra stops….. 🙂

Yamba. I’ve always been curious about this little spot on the Eastern Coast that Brisbanites often holiday in. “Oh we’re just going down to Yamba for a few days.” “Lovely” is my common response. They nod. They nod for a reason – because it IS lovely.

They have a new derby team and my league went down for a demo bout. It was fun. After four days of non-stop illness in our house, it was lovely going to the beach and spending some non-sick time together. We took the boy because… well, we like him. He was the only kidlet this time, but seemed to get along okay. We didn’t do the after party as we all needed sleep desperately… We hung out. lots. It was good. Then it was time to come home, via:


Photos, si?

The blue pools in Angourie.

The love of street art continues. Did Banksy holiday in Yamba? Is Banksy a surfer on the backpacker trail????

Did you know Iluka has World Heritage Listed Rain forest??? I didn’t… I asked the boy to take a photo. He kept laughing. I had the wrong settings. Thank-you for trying, little man!


The two greatest loves of my life on a fairly deserted beach in the most delicious light I have seen in yonks. This was getting close to the middle of the day and the light was so soft….

My favourite of the weekend. After the days of vomiting, an ER visit and rest, seeing him up, happy and curious was a joy.

We then continued our drive home… 40km out of Yamba I received a phone call that I left my purse in Yamba, it was hanging out with the police there. We drove back, had lunch at the pub (MUST DO!!!!) and then set forth properly.

The Big Prawn has seen better days

The man that fathered my child. Swapping driving responsibilities just outside of Byron.


The weekend was good, went by too fast, of course. We are planning our next one for April and it will be just after my birthday. Excitement!